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Dentistry Services

Smart-Tel Communcations also provides multiple services for Dentist Offices. Below is a list of all dental services provided.




                   ICW Ceiling/Wall Mount Elite Arm 


This Elite arm is ideal for dental operatories. The patient and doctor have the luxury to view digital x-rays with a 360 degree rotation. Or the patient may enjoy watching television while in the chair. This mount is available in a ceiling or wall mount. Finishes include black, powder coated gloss white, or medical white.


  • Monitor Capacity: 28 lbs

  • Vertical Adjustment Range: 21" (53.34cm)

  • Horizontal Adjustment Range: 42" (106.68cm)

  • Mounting Surface: Ceiling 8" x 8" (20.32cm x 20.32cm) plate

  • Arms Swivel: 360 degrees

  • Screen Swivel: 360 degrees

  • VESA interface: 75mm and 100mm

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Check out what Dentistry IQ has to say about the benefits switching from analog to digital.  

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                          Ultra 510 LCD Arm 
This is used for the 12 O Clock mount, the Dr. and assistants can view patient's files, charts, and x-rays and also input data into Eagle Soft or Dentrix. This 510 mount folds up and expands 20" (50.08cm) from the mount to the LCD. Having two articulating 11" (27.94cm) arms. Two handles next to the moinitor tighten the moinitor into position. The moinitor can be adjusted 4" vertically on two stainless steal rails. This model is mounted onto a wall. Finishes include powder coated gloss white,black, medical white, and white.



  • Moinitor Capacity: 18 lbs (8.2kg)

  • Vertical Adjustment Range: 4" (10.16cm)

  • Horizontal Adjustment Range: 20" (50.08cm)

  • Mounting Surface: Wall

  • Stowed Profile: 3" (7.62cm) from the wall

  • Arm Swivle: At mount 180 degrees

  • Screen Swivle: 360 degrees

  • Screen Tilt: 90 degrees

  • VESA interface: 75mm to 100mm


                             MDF Room 


     Smart-Tel designs and builds the MDF room from data terminations to voice terminations, CCTV terminations, installing network switches, moinitor and server mounts, phone systems, and also connecting dial tone and troubleshooting.

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